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Guide to Choosing and Installing the Perfect Address Number Signs for Your Home

by Michael Jon 20 Nov 2023
Guide to Choosing and Installing the Perfect Address Number Signs for Your Home

Home is where the heart is, and every detail adds to its charm and character. One such crucial detail that often gets overlooked is the address number signs. These signs serve more than just a functional role; they are a stylish accessory that can add significant curb appeal to your home. This comprehensive guide will help you choose, install, and maintain the perfect address number signs that not only serve their purpose but also complement your home's aesthetic.

Why Address Number Signs are Essential

Address number signs are the first thing that visitors see when they approach your home. They help people locate your home quickly, especially in an emergency situation where every second counts. Additionally, they are a simple and effective way to add personal style and enhance the exterior of your home.

Choosing the Right Address Number Signs

When selecting address number signs, keep in mind the exterior design and color of your house. The signs should be in harmony with the design elements of your home and should be easily readable. They should also be durable and weather-resistant.


Address number signs come in a variety of materials, including aluminum, brass, and acrylic. Choose a material that complements your home's exterior and can withstand the local weather conditions.


The size of the address number signs is also crucial. They should be large enough to be easily seen from the street, but not so large that they overpower the facade of your home.


The font style also plays a vital role in the appearance of your address number signs. A simple, clean font is often the best choice as it is easy to read and gives a modern, stylish look.

The Art of Displaying Address Number Signs

The placement of your address number signs is just as important as the signs themselves. Here are a few creative ways to display your house numbers:

  1. Vertical Placement: If your home's exterior doesn't offer a suitable horizontal space, consider arranging the numbers vertically. This could be on a porch column, alongside your garage, or on a fence.
  2. Integration with Planters: Incorporate your address number signs with your landscape design by installing them on a wall-mounted or landscape planter. This way, you can showcase your address and your green thumb at the same time!
  3. Garage Display: Enhance your garage's look by installing your address number signs on it. Make sure the style and color align with your exterior's aesthetic.
  4. Mailbox Display: If your mailbox is prominently placed, it can be a great spot to display your house numbers.
  5. Surround with Greenery: Nestle your address number signs amidst lush greenery for a natural, inviting look.

Choosing the Right Color for your Address Plaque

When you have a darker painted home, choosing the right colored address plaque becomes even more significant. Opt for contrast colors that pop against the dark backdrop. Metallic hues like gold, silver, or bronze can add an elegant touch and are easily noticeable against a dark background.

Installing Address Number Signs

Once you've chosen your perfect address number signs, it's time to install them. Make sure they are mounted securely and are clearly visible from the street.

Address Number Signs and Lighting

Proper illumination of your address number signs is essential for visibility during nighttime. Consider adding an exterior sconce or a small light source near your address numbers for enhanced visibility or look to bright light house numbers to add back lighting to your signage. 

Maintaining your Address Number Signs

To ensure your address number signs remain appealing and visible, regular maintenance is necessary. Clean them regularly to remove dust and grime, and repaint or replace them when they start to look faded or worn out.


Address number signs are an essential aspect of your home that combines functionality with aesthetics. With the right choice of material, size, color, and placement, these signs can significantly enhance your home's curb appeal and make it easy for visitors to locate your home. So, give your home the attention it deserves by installing stylish and visible address number signs.

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